UPS serves communities around the world, delivering 5.5 billion packages a year with its fleet of freight, trucks, and cargo plans. From shipping gifts to family to bringing products to retail stores, UPS will deliver right to your door. With more than 5,000 stores and 200 freight centers, UPS connects people from all around the world and makes sure your package will get to where you want it to go.
Value Proposition:
UPS provides shipping from your favorite stores and delivers products right to your door, from anywhere around the country without you having to think twice.
Brand Story:
UPS is a company that allows me to ship anywhere and have packages delivered to my house without me having to do the heavy lifting. They are friendly, helpful, and a part of the community. UPS allows me not to have to worry about packages but know that they will make sure it gets where I would like the package to go. Whether it is shipping work packages or to family members, UPS helps me ship and receive packages.
Primary: Individuals
These are people that order from online websites and have packages shipped to their door. This audience is broad, but all users seek to have their packages delivered quickly, without incident and provides a no hassle customer experience. 
Secondary: Businesses
Businesses use UPS to ship products to retail stores, which usually contains bigger shipments of products to stores. These companies look for reliability with the shipping and for nothing to get damaged along the way. 
Brand Characteristics:
Neighborly/Community, Hard-working, Progressive, Ease of mind, and Determined.
UPS Cargo plane to go with the new Identity System.
UPS semi truck to carry the new brand as well.
New UPS uniforms and a hat to go along with it.

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