This was a project that I had to concept, build, design, and then put it all together creating mockups. I was given this project to concept a CreateOn Magna-Tiles set for American Airlines. My instructions were to play with the Magna-Tiles and come up with a model of an air plane and then add digital artwork to the tiles. I also had to come up with ideas for flipping the tile pieces over with print on the backside. The company wanted the ability to flip tiles over and be able so to build something or play with something related to the set.
Above is the flat design layout of the airplanes. I created two different planes that are at different lengths. As I thought about flipping tiles over, it made me think about the cargo spot with all of the luggage. While I was playing around with the tiles, the small rectangle pieces make great luggage and would allow kids to place them in the cargo area. They could go sideways or upright.
I spent hours on the floor playing with the tiles, trying to map out an airplane. I wanted the design to be feasible for children to be able to play with and put together. This was an extremely fun project and allowed me to be hands on start to finish.
The top part of the images is the old version and the bottom is my redesign. I was asked to help push the original design to a better place to give more of a Dr. Suess feel and flow to it. A lot of the original artwork is very good so to help, I started by creating a 3 x 3 square grid. This allowed me to organize each page a bit more. I then added more artwork like grass, pointer hands, and made the clock feel more real to Dr. Suess. This is a piece that I am proud of because I can see how much of a difference those little details make.

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