Blue Water Hyaluronic Moisturizer was a new product being launched by Passport to Organics. As a graphic design intern, I created several different illustrative versions of the product to market through Instagram posts. With a large following, consumers, and their target market on Instagram, a lot of my creations were made to be used for Instagram. There are many other skin care companies that spend a lot of time marketing through Instagram posts.
Passport to Organics saw an increase in competitors using graphics and illustrations to market their products. As a developing company, they decided to have me create different illustrations that included their products to be posted on Instagram. I made multiple different styles of illustrations and then they chose one illustrative style for me to make their different products as.
Shop, Buy, and Donate was a charity initiative that the company was going to start as I began my internship. They tasked me with created different icons to represent each different section of the initiative. This was made to be used as a banner on their website to inform customers about the charity initiative and how their purchase can help others.
My first task with Passport to Organics was to create different icons to represent their different Instagram Story Highlights. The Highlights are Instagram Stories that were once posted and can still be reviewed, the company categorized their different type of Instagram stories to help consumers see what they are looking for in an easier manor. I created icons for their Serums, Insta Reviews, Textures, and Passport Denied categories. I included a screenshot of the icons being used on their Instagram page for reference.
As a small business that is growing, I was given a project to create business card designs that the company would then go and print. I went to through many different drafts and styles until I created one design that they thought encompassed their brand. The images above ended up being the template for the front and back of the business cards. I started with making a template where all the information would go and then filled in the information for each employee.
This is another illustration that was posted on Instagram. I was tasked with making an illustration to represent different organic materials and ingredients that are used in their products. As an organic company, they pride themselves on using really safe and natural ingredients. I made this illustration to help represent who they are as a company and to show their brand.

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